About Us

Jane Lemon, Director

Jane teaches a variety of our courses: Philosophy, Math, Geometry, Curriculum Development and Design, and Leadership. She has been a Montessori directress for over 30 years. She holds a BS with Honors in Mathematics and a Masters in Elementary Education. Jane is Montessori-certified at three levels (AMS Early Childhood from AERCO, AMS Elementary-I from COMETT, and Elementary-II from CMTE/NY). She has been an instructor for four Montessori teacher training programs. She loves to travel.

Rondi DuBrock

Rondi teaches Language, Leadership, Assessment, State Standards, Classroom Design and Management, and Curriculum Development and Design. She has been a Montessori teacher for more than 25 years. Rondi holds a Masters in Education and AMS Elementary-I certification through CMTE/NY. She loves learning and her two adult children.

Sue Clark

Sue has trained Montessorians since 1999 and teaches several of our cultural courses. Her AMS Elementary-I and Infant-Toddler certificates are from CMTE/NY. Sue has a BS in Geology and a Masters in Geosciences (specialization in Dendrochronology). In addition to many years of teaching experience, Sue has presented local workshops and spoken at national Montessori conferences. She enjoys travel, gardening, and quilting. 

Additional AMTEP staff members complete our well-rounded program. Our backgrounds span private, public, and charter Montessori schools, creating a robust and inclusive learning experience.